November 8th, 2017 – Congratulations to Chase McCord! Our newly Obligated Brother, Entered Apprentice

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Lodge’s Schedule for the month of November 2017

  • Wednesday     Nov 1               7:30 pm           Center Board Meeting followed
  •                                                                              by Executive Team Meeting
  • Thursday        Nov 2               7:00 pm           Stated Dinner followed by Stated Meeting
  • Wednesday     Nov 8               7:30 pm           1st Degree for Chase McCord
  • Thursday        Nov 9               7:30 pm           3rd Degree Practice – Opening
  • Friday              Nov 10             7:30 pm           Festive Board
  • Monday           Nov 13             7:30 pm           3rd Degree Practice – Opening
  • Thursday        Nov 16             7:30 pm           3rd Degree Qualifying for Opening
  • Monday           Nov 20             7:30 pm           3rd Degree Practice – Second Section
  • Monday           Nov 27             7:30 pm           3rd Degree Practice – Second Section
  • Thursday        Nov 30             7:30 pm           3rd Degree Qualifying for Second Section
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Master’s Message for November 2017


As some of you know that in November we celebrate a very special day that is near and dear to my heart as it should be to yours. I am of course referring to Veterans Day. I am sure most of us has had someone in our families, or maybe even yourself, dedicate their lives so the service of our great nation. This is a day not to remember their service, but to thank them for all that they do or have done for the preservation of this country greatness. I have decided to give a brief history of this very special day and I encourage each and every one of you to make it a point in the month of November to thank a serviceperson and let them know that their service is and will always be greatly appreciated.

Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, was originally set as a U.S. legal holiday to honor the end of World War I, which officially took place on November 11, 1918. In legislation that was passed in 1938, November 11 was “dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as ‘Armistice Day.'” As such, this new legal holiday honored World War I veterans.

In 1954, after having been through both World War II and the Korean War, the 83rd U.S. Congress — at the urging of the veterans service organizations — amended the Act of 1938 by striking out the word “Armistice” and inserting the word “Veterans.” With the approval of this legislation on June 1, 1954, Nov. 11 became a day to honor American veterans of all wars. In 1968, the Uniforms Holiday Bill ensured three-day weekends for federal employees by celebrating four national holidays on Mondays: Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Columbus Day. Under this bill, Veterans Day was moved to the fourth Monday of October. Many states did not agree with this decision and continued to celebrate the holiday on its original date. The first Veterans Day under the new law was observed with much confusion on Oct. 25, 1971. Finally on September 20, 1975, President Gerald R. Ford signed a law which returned the annual observance of Veterans Day to its original date of Nov. 11, beginning in 1978. Since then, the Veterans Day holiday has been observed on Nov. 11.


Jonas M. Olguin, Worshipful Master

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Senior Warden’s Message for November 2017

“Happy Veterans Day!” We thank you for your service and sacrifice. We will be forever in your debt!

Also, Happy 242nd Birthday to all the Marines, past and present. Ooohrahhh and Semper Fidelis!

Congratulations to Brother Michael Kasimoff for progressing to the Fellowcraft degree and to our newly initiated Entered Apprentice Brother Donald Benton.

The weekend of the 13th thru the 15th of October, Brother Jonas Olguin, Worshipful Master, Brother Vic Luu, Senior Warden, Brother Sandy Sanchez, Jr. PM, Brother Bob Sechrest, District Inspector, and I attended the 168 th Annual Communications at San Francisco. We had an amazing time! The Grand Lodge read the reports; we voted on the resolutions. We will discuss them at the next stated meeting.

Congratulations, to Worshipful Brother Jim Helms, PM for receiving the Hiram Award, well deserved! Hope everyone enjoyed the wholesome food and the wonderful entertainment.

Candidate Chase McCord will be initiated as an Entered Apprentice on November 8th .Please try to attend the conferring of his degree and show your support.

If you would like to join our monthly scheduled work party, please contact me at 626- 350-8034.

All candidates (Entered Apprentice and/or Fellowcraft) that would like to study for their proficiency in the next proceeding degree, feel free to contact me in scheduling a coaching session.

Also, inform me if you know any of our brethren that are sick or in distress.

Joven R. Bilog, Senior Warden

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Secretary’s Message – November 2017

(Victor is busy curing the sick and healing the injured, so I am filling in this month!)

Just a quick reminder of some upcoming events. On November 8, we will be having a First Degree for Chase McCord. Lodge opens at 7:30, but dinner will be served before, starting around 6:30 or so (nothing fancy….pizza…or chicken…or sandwiches….but the price is right!)

On November 10, we will be hosting our 5th Annual Festive Board. This is a fun event, and we are once again honored to have Greg Gabriel as our Master of Ceremonies. Please RSVP with me or any of our officers. Cost is $35 per person.

And December 9, it’s time for our annual Installation of Officers. Be sure to come out and show your support to the officers for 2018.

If you wish to attend one of these events, or our stated meetings, and need assistance with transportation, give me a call, and we will arrange a ride for you.

And thank you to those who attended or donated to the Library Dinner. Proceeds will be used for spelling lessons.

Hope to see you in Lodge,
Rob Stai, PM, Secretary

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October 27th, 2017 – Worshipful Brother James Helms, PM Hiram Award

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October 26th, 2017 – Congratulations to Donald Benton! Our newly Obligated Brother, Entered Apprentice

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Annual Library Benefit Dinner – October 19th, 2017

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Authentic Armenian Cuisine prepared by our very own Chef Brother Naho Hairaptyan Guest Speaker:  Brother Adam G. Kendall, PM

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Lodge’s Schedule for the month of October 2017

  • Wednesday     Oct 4               7:30 pm           Center Board Meeting followed
  •                                                                             by Executive Team Meeting
  • Thursday         Oct 5               7:00 pm           Stated Dinner followed by Stated Meeting
  • Thursday         Oct 12             7:00 pm           Degree Practice
  • Thursday         Oct 19             7:00 pm           Library Benefit Dinner
  • Monday            Oct 23            6:30 pm           OSI at Metropolitan (Rosemead Lodge)
  •                                                                             Ritual – Lexington: Presentation of the Flag
  •                                                                             and Election of Officers
  • Thursday         Oct 26             7:30 pm          1st Degree for Donald Benton
  •                                                                             and Chase McCord
  • Friday              Oct 27             6:00 pm           Hiram Award for Brother Jim Helms, PM
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Master’s Message for October 2017


As you may or may not already been made aware, due to a scheduling conflict, we had to reschedule Worshipful Jim Helms’ Hiram Award dinner. The new date is scheduled for Friday October 27th. It will be held at the same time, 6pm doors open for social hour and hourdovers with the ceremony starting promptly at 7pm with reception and dinner to directly follow.Also, we have the Library Dinner Fundraiser in October on Thursday October 19th and then in November we will be having our annual Festive Board dinner on Friday November 10th. All the info for these events are and have been in the trestle board.

Also, please remember that there are only 3 more stated meeting dinners left in the year. Dinners are free of charge to all who attend, so please come out and enjoy some good food and great fellowship. These dinners are a perfect setting to bring any potential candidates.

Finally, I would like to send out congratulations to our newest initiated brethren, Brothers Ray Jimenez and Robert Thomas who were initiated on September 14th. Congratulations on your initiation and we look forward to your continual advancement through the degrees. I am sure they will be brilliant addition to an already wonderful group of brethren.

Jonas M. Olguin, Worshipful Master

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