Senior Warden’s Message for the month of July 2018


By the time you read this message, our roof and air conditioning repair should be done. I have personally been up on top and the materials/seals that was put on are much better that what we had, so I believe that we should not worry about any leaking problems in the foreseeable future. The AC repair is done at a good time as the hot summer season is about to entertain us. Now, it’s a matter of touching up on the interior/ceiling tiles/paint, etc.

Speaking of paint, our blue lodge exterior blue paint is showing signs of wear and tear. This is most likely our next undertaking, although, it should not cost us a bundle like the roof repair.

Perhaps, with a spruced up facility, we may be able to land some new clients and recuperate on our expenses.


Victor Luu, Senior Warden

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