Senior Warden’s Message for the month of June 2018

Dear Brethren, We hit another snafu in our quest in replacing the roof. This time it’s with the screening for any possible asbestos in our ducts! Again, thank you to PM Sanchez for keeping on top of all the constant details and help our lodge moving forward with getting the new roof.

Hopefully, we will have one in place before the next winter storms. Fingers crossed. That goes to say the new AC unit to be placed on the roof may be also affected by this process. Any brethren owning a home knows the process of continuing up keeping. So, the process is the same for our beautiful building, which is located in a prime area of Arcadia!

Please look out for notices of ‘Work Day’ (more like ‘A Few Work Hours”) about once a quarter or so–where we (any brethren in the lodge) go about in fixing up little things up around the building.


Victor Luu, Senior Warden

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