Senior Warden’s Message for the month of May 2018


Let’s give a hand to PM Seacrest, PM Sanchez and PM Helms for their unending devotion and work in maintaining the infrastructure of our building. As you all know, we are in the process of getting approval from Grand Lodge to spend a large amount of our reserve in getting a new roof. We have been dealing with a leakage problem ever since I joined the lodge, and may be even longer. As this is a sizeable amount, the approval process is undoubtedly taking longer as every bids/dollars is scrutinized in details.

We are also in need of a new air conditioning unit, as one of the ones in the main dining hall has called it quit.

Lastly, even though the electronic sign at the front is functioning, there are details that needed to be ironed out and finished up.

Again, as in any building, maintenance is crucial otherwise, the building and image will become debilitated.


Victor Luu, Senior Warden

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