Junior Warden’s Message for the month February 2018

Greetings Brethren!

I would like to start out by making everyone aware of our policy for providing refreshment at events where we gather at the Lodge. We will be having dinner most months at stated meeting, except when we have a special event planned during that month. In general, dinner will be $12 for brothers and $6 for ladies and children. Prospects and guests still enjoy a free dinner. We will not be having dinner on February 1, because we will be having Sweetheart’s Dinner on Valentine’s Day. In addition to stated meeting dinner, we will be having a light meal at one practice each month – we will be having a practice on just about every Thursday. We will also have a more substantial supper and cake at all degrees. I am always open to suggestions or ideas for what to serve. The only request so far is no Costco sandwiches; this request will gladly be honored.

As I mentioned, we will be having a nice Sweetheart’s Dinner on Valentine’s Day which is February 14. More information on that event can be found elsewhere in the Trestle Board. We have an event in the dining room that morning, so if anyone is available to help with set up in the late afternoon it would be greatly appreciated.

Remember, Beauty is in the South! If I’m the Beauty, I don’t know what that says about the rest of you.

Jeff Sorenson, Junior Warden

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