Junior Warden’s Message for the month January 2018

Happy New Year Brethren!

As we kick off 2018, I want to make all the brethren aware of a few changes that will be taking place regarding refreshments and food for our gatherings. In order to save some money in our annual budget, we will no longer have food at all of our weekly degree practices; we will have food approximately once per month, and we will provide ample notice to the participants. Additionally, we will not have stated meeting dinner every month, particularly if we have a special event planned for that month. For example, we will be resuming our Sweetheart’s Dinner in celebration of Valentine’s Day in February. Therefore there will be no stated meeting dinner in February. In conjunction with stated meeting dinner, entertainment will be furnished at some of them but not all. A complete schedule of all events will be published soon.

We can still enjoy fellowship and camaraderie as brothers, and since all officers’ attendance is expected at all degree work, these changes should be a very minor impact regarding the overall operation of the Lodge. As we enter the New Year, let’s try to make this a successful year for our new Master, and make our best effort to improve the Lodge. Set aside Thursday night for activities at the Lodge, and officers are expected to be at those functions.

We will be having dinner at the January stated meeting. The menu is Beef Brisket, Caesar Salad, Roasted Red Potatoes, and Mixed Vegetables. Entertainment is in the works, but it will be a surprise (to you and me both).

Happy New Year, and I look forward to serving as your Junior Warden for the year. If you have any suggestions or requests, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jeff Sorenson, Junior Warden

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