Master’s Message for December 2017

Brethren and friends,

This will be my final Master’s Message to all of you. As this Masonic Year draws to a close, a new Worshipful Master and his corps of officers will be leading the Lodge. I would like to congratulate Master Elect Joven Bilog and his corps of officers for having been elected to serve for the ensuing Masonic year. We are all looking forward to all the great things you have in store for us in the upcoming year. AS for myself I will still be as active as I can and I look forward to serving the Lodge in any capacity it may need.

Like any meaningful endeavor, this year had a variety of ups & downs, successes & challenges.

First the positive: The Officers and Committee members planned an extremely active
calendar of events this year. We had opportunities to get involved almost every month in a variety of ways from volunteering at community causes and school functions, to our evenings out and the fellowship It produced and to our performances at our stated meeting dinners. The big events of the year were the two Hiram Award dinners for Worshipful Sechrest and Worshipful Helms. These two events were by far the biggest event I’ve seen Arcadia Lodge put together since I’ve been a member of the Craft. A lot of time & effort went into the planning & execution of this event and my earnest thanks go out to all of you who contributed to making it a success!

Arcadia Lodge got out and visited other Lodges more than I’ve ever seen before. Trips that spread the cement of brotherly love & affection afforded opportunities for a change of scenery, to meet new Brethren and to see how other Lodges do things. Our travels provided opportunities for us to explore our great fraternity and to see they vast expanse that is Freemasonry.

The Center Board put together a new Rental Program which includes contracts, terms and pricing for non-masonic renters, masonic organization members, and masonic organizations. Rentals represent a big opportunity for revenue, enabling us to keep the Arcadia Masonic Center operating, so if you or you know someone who is need of our facility please have them contact us. The Center Board also was able to accomplish two big ticket items from getting a new front marque to taking and approving bids for a brand new roof. No more water leaks. We owe the Center Board a big “Thank you” for all of the hard work that went into this and also to our staff, Brother Donald and Mary. You and your work have been invaluable to our efforts and you two are a big part of our operation and we could not do all that we do without the two of you.

And the challenges:

We likely bit off more than we could chew with some of the eagerness or our events, but that’s something we can all learn from and apply going forward. We unfortunately did not have many petitions come in this year, so our degree work was a bit light. It looks as though things are picking up again here at the end of the year, so that’s absolutely fantastic news. We saw a decline in participation levels in our officer corps this year and also some of our Past Masters. Our Officer line is fairly new to Freemasonry and could benefit from the support and guidance of long-time members.

My Brothers, one of the requests that I will make to you is that you come and support these newer Masons. You have wisdom to impart and we value your active participation Arcadia Lodge.

It has been an honor and a privilege for me to serve Arcadia Lodge as Worshipful Master and encourage you to find a way to get more involved this next year. I have the utmost confidence that Brother Joven Bilog and the other Officers will do a wonderful job and look forward to seeing their plans for the year take shape!

In closing, I’d like to end my final Master’s Message by thanking all of the Brethren and all of the Past Masters who have given me the guidance and the knowledge to be the best Worshipful Master I could be. I would also like to express my utmost appreciation and thanks to my beautiful wife Elizabeth. You are truly my rock of Gibraltar and without your love, grace, patience and support, my year as Worshipful Master would have not been possible.

Jonas M. Olguin, Worshipful Master

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