Senior Warden’s Message for October 2017

Brethren, Happy Columbus Day!

Last month, summer season ended; it’s time to break out our (California) cold weather clothes.

Congratulations to our newly initiated Entered Apprentices: Brother Ray Jimenez and Brother Robert Thomas.

The Worshipful Master, Junior Warden, Junior Past Master, and myself will be traveling to San Francisco on October 13th for the complete Annual Communications.

Building news: the completion of the sign outside the building is almost done, the background needs some minor changes and touch-ups. We have a costly project in replacing the whole roof of our building and in replacing one or two of our air condition units. Please feel free to attend our Center Board meetings every first Wednesday of month and provide some input or ideas.

If you would like to join our monthly scheduled work party, please contact me at 626-350-

All candidates (Entered Apprentice and/or Fellowcraft) that would like to study for their proficiency in the next proceeding degree, feel free to contact me in scheduling a coaching session. Also, inform me if you know any of our brethren that are sick or in distress.

Safe travel my brothers..

Joven R. Bilog, Senior Warden

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