Secretary’s Message – September 2017

Worshipful Olguin was not able to get us a message this month, so I thought I would share something with everyone.

A few weeks back, Worshipful Sandy Sanchez asked for help moving a lift chair from the Masonic Home in Covina to a home where a Brother was living out in Riverside. I volunteered to help (and asked for his help with some paperwork we needed to file with Grand Lodge). Getting the chair loaded, out to Riverside, and unloaded took all morning. We stopped for lunch, and finished up our work.

And that day was one of the best days I have spent since joining the Fraternity. We talked about anything and everything, and laughed, and just had a great time.

The point of this is…take the time to reach out to a Brother. Go to lunch…invite him over for a beer…whatever. But the friendships we establish are one of the reasons we joined in the first place. And by making that contact, you just might make their day! And maybe yours too.

If you have a story you would like me to share, email it to me, and I will try to include it in a future Trestleboard.

Rob Stai, Secretary
(aka Sandy’s Helper!)

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