Senior Warden’s Message for August 2017


Congratulations to Brother Michael Kasimoff for passing the Entered Apprentice Proficiency last month. I believe he is scheduled to move on to the degree of Fellowcraft next month September 14th. Please attend and support Brother Michael Kasimoff and our worthy line officers.

Also, candidate Robert Thomas will be initiated as an Entered Apprentice on September 21st. Again, try to attend the conferring of his degree and show your support to our lodge.

Last month’s working party was a success; a-lot of maintenance and repairs were completed around the center. Following the labor, the brethren (craftsman) enjoyed the refreshments and fellowship of the barbeque and potluck. If you would like to join our monthly scheduled work party, please contact me at 626-350-8034.

All candidates (Entered Apprentice and/or Fellowcraft) that would like to studyfor their proficiency in the next proceeding degree, feel free to contact me in scheduling a coaching session.

Also, inform me if you know any of our brethren that are sick or in distress.
Safe travel my brothers.


Joven R. Bilog, Senior Warden

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