Master’s Message for July 2017


Typically, I have been using the Master Message in the monthly Trestle boards to promote a theme in relations to Freemasonry, but this month I would like to go off script.

For those who were unable to attend June’s Stated Meeting, the lodge had a very lively and productive discussion on how to reengage brothers who we have not seen around the lodge in a while. So many excellent ideas were mentioned by every brother who wanted to speak and I, as Master of the Lodge, have created a plan of action to help rejuvenate and reengage our fellow brethren. Starting in June each officer will be calling at least one individual brother monthly to check in on them, find out what’s been going on in their lives, to see if any assistance is needed and finally (and most importantly) to invite those brothers to our Stated Meetings, dinners and rituals. The goal of this to hopefully make contact, and reignite their interest in Arcadia Lodge #278 and for Freemasonry in general. The great aim we have in mind is that this action plan will inspire the brothers who have been contacted by the Officers to become more active or just present for our meeting, events and rituals. It is with much optimism that I hope that this action plan will have the trickle down effect and inspires all the brethren (over time) to become more involved.

Remember Stated Meeting Diners are free to all. I do hope to see some new faces at the upcoming meetings and events.

Jonas M. Olguin, Worshipful Master

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