Senior Warden’s Message for June 2017


To all the Dad’s out there, Father’s Day is June 18th make sure to mark your calendars!

Summer begins June 21st, 2017, so dress lightly and drink lots of water.

The weekend of the 28th thru the 30th of April, Brother Jonas Olguin, Worshipful Master, Brother Arthur Velling, Junior Deacon, and myself attended the 2017 Master & Wardens Leadership Retreat at Irvine. We had an amazing time! The weekend was filled with lots of important information and many fun filled events. We will have to plan a time to share our new knowledge and experiences with the lodge.  

If you would like to join our monthly scheduled work party, please contact me at 626-350-8034.  

All candidates (Entered Apprentice and/or Fellowcraft) that would like to study for their proficiency in the next proceeding degree, feel free to contact me in scheduling a coaching session.

Also, inform me if you know any of our brethren that are sick or in distress.

Safe travel my brothers.


Joven R. Bilog, Senior Warden

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