Junior Warden’s Message for June 2017

Hope you enjoyed the sand art video for the May entertainment as much as I did. I have always found these artists to be so imaginative, and to be able to tell a story using nothing but their hands and sand. The change in the scenarios were so quick and skillful that I am so amazed every time I see these artists at work.
For June, we have a completely different type of entertainment set up for you. We will be having a special guest speaker, Mr. Jack McRae, who is the District Chair for the Lucky Baldwin District of the Greater Los Angeles Council of the Boy Scout of America. He will provide a historical perspective of BSA and how past/present/future freemason intersect.
As for dinner, we will have special Hawaiian treats from our cook–brother Eusebio.
Hope to fill your mind and body at the upcoming monthly dinner.
Victor Luu, Junior Warden
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