Senior Warden’s Message for December 2016

IMG_0340 (2)Brethren

I am deeply honored and humbled to have been elected to serve as Master of Arcadia Lodge #278 for 2017 Masonic year, and thank you for having the confidence in me to lead our lodge for the ensuing year. I also want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to each and every one of you, whom, over the years have taken the time to mentor, guide and instruct me on all things Masonic. I could not be this well prepared to sit in the East if it we not for each and every one of you.

Thank You! I would like to thank our outgoing WM Sandy Sanchez and all his officers for all their hard work and dedication. These brothers have tirelessly given their all throughout the year to make our lodge truly amazing. Thank You Brothers! A job well done! As installation is quickly approaching (December 10th 2016 at 2pm) I am filled with alternating waves of excitement, nervousness and joy as I look forward to the upcoming year. The past few years have been a beehive of activity. Building on our successes of the past few years, my officers and I have finished planning what we hope will be an incredible year at good old #278. We [the officers] have listened to your thoughts and suggestions.

My vision for this year is to continue our excellence in our ritual and degree work, making new masons, and most of all to have fun, fellowship, and our charity work will be the corner stone and foundation for the upcoming 2017 year. Also this year I have made it my duty to ensure that the youth orders of our Lodge are recognized and praised for all the work they do, not only at the Lodge, but the work that is done on themselves in becoming the next generation of community leaders. I don’t want to go into too much detail, or else I wont have anything to write for January’s trestle board. Rest assured that my term as Master will only be second to my newest position of becoming a father in February. May the Lord bless us and keep us. May brotherly love prevail and every social and moral virtue cement us.

With Love,
Jonas Olguin

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