Junior Warden’s Message for November 2015


As most of you are aware, October is the month that the Grand Lode of California has its annual communications. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this year along with our Worshipful Master, our Senior Warden, brother Justin Gracieux and Past Master Bob Sechrest. This was my first time attending and I was in absolute awe of the magnitude that at which the Grand Lodge operates and the magnitude of Masonry in the state of California. There were more than 900 Mason who attended and I was able to meet with some of them and get to know brothers from all corners of the state. Seeing brothers in fellowship, sharing their experiences with one another, and just seeing and being a part of brotherly love was something that was moving and inspirational. I urge you my brothers that you place next years annual communication on your calendars so you may see for yourself all the joy, pomp and circumstance that Grand Lodge is known for.


Jonas Olguin, Junior Warden

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