Master’s Message

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.39.27 PMBrethern,

We begin this New Year with high hopes for a very successful year. As you look at this core of officers you will see that none of them are Past Masters but me. We are very encouraged that we will not have to call upon the Past Masters to fill stations in the future. We have a very young and enthusiastic core of officers who will need the support and encouragement of the membership.

Our Dinners and Programs for the year are excellent, but they can only continue if you support them. Remember you do not have to be a Mason to attend our Dinners. The only requirement is that you make a reservation.

I want to thank Worshipful Jim Helms who served as Master three times with distinction. The first by choice, the other two out of necessity. We will ever be indebted to Jim for the Leadership he has exhibited and instilled in the other officers. Because of him each of us has become a better Officer, a better Man, and most of all a better Mason.

On a lighter note we submitted a copy of the Ritual according to Helms to Grand Lodge for approval, but for some unknown reason they rejected it. Jim’s years as Master is over, but if he thinks he is going to ride off into sunset, he is mistaken. We want to keep him around to help us out during Degrees, for his Legal Expertise, and basically just to keep the rest of us straight.

When you come to our functions, you will see a lot of young ladies bustling around laughing and giggling and serving our dinners. These are the young ladies from Bethal 210 of Arcadia Job’s Daughters. We are so pleased and happy to have them in our Lodge. So when you see them introduce yourself say hi to them and make them welcome. It is very important that we support and encourage them. The small cans on the tables are for their fundraisers and various functions that they do throughout the year, SO PLEASE BE GENEROUS. They could use more members so if you know anyone who has a Daughter, Grand Daughter, Niece etc. with any kind of Masonic affiliation who may have any interest put them in touch with the Job’s Daughters.

Robert Sechrest, Worshipful Master

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