Master’s Message


I had the privilege of representing the Lodge at the annual Friends of the Arcadia Public Luncheon Volunteer Luncheon where I presented to the Library a check for $1000 to support their children’s reading and learning programs. I talked about Masonry’s commitment to education, the increase of knowledge and promotion of virtue. Also, I pointed out that, as we are neighbors to the Library, what better place could there be for us to form a partnership in our support of our children than with the Library. I hope this year’s Lodge contribution to the Library will continue for years to come.

I missed our May Sated Meeting because I was away on vacation. As expected, our Sr. Warden, Brother Jeff Sorenson, did a magnificent job of sitting in the East in my absence. Also, it was truly my loss not to have heard the musical presentation given by the energetic singers from Longley Way Glee. Bob and Leona DuFresne’s daughter, Sherrie, the school’s principal, made it possible for these outstanding children to come and share their talents with us. I’m hoping we can have them back before the year’s end. Many Brothers commented to me about how much they enjoyed the performance. Bob and Leona, you must be very proud and justly so.

We will have the Brighter Side Singers from Temple City High School with us at the June Stated Meeting under the direction of Matt Byers. You will recall that I pledged my support to the Brighter Side Singers as part of my Master’s projects for my year as Master of the Lodge. I will have the privilege of presenting a check for $1000 to the Brighter Side Singers just as I did for the Public Library.

The Lodge should be proud to know that the combined sum of our financial support to local educational causes which includes the Arcadia Public Schools luncheon hosted by Arcadia High Twelve, the Temple City Student Achievement Recognition program hosted by Temple City High Twelve, the Arcadia Public Library and the Brighter Side Singers amounts to $4000! In addition, I will ask the Lodge to contribute $2000 to the Grand Master’s “Raising a Reader Project” which, if approved, will make a grand total of $6000 our Lodge has given in support of the our children’s wellbeing. How wonderful is that? Let’s keep up this good work in the future.

Fraternally yours,
Gene R. Wallace, Master

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