How do you join the Masons?

How do you join the Masons ?   Surprise !   You don’t get asked, you yourself ask.

Freemasons do not directly ask men to join. Long tradition has established that an interested man asks a Mason to become a Mason. This practice continues to this day, but with much less rigidity and secrecy than when our grandfathers were Masons.

Fifty years ago pamphlets about Masonry and the idea of a public website like this would have been virtually unthinkable and explanations like this were rare and generally very frowned upon.

But today, we firmly believe Masonry is not a secret organization but an organization with a few secrets. It is rather hard to be a secret organization when you can read about the Lodge as you are now doing, find out where and when the Lodge meets, etc., but one of the little known secrets is that you ask a Mason to get a petition.

In the 21st Century, Masons can and do discuss their Masonic activities with other men, indirectly urge them to become members but of course they still keep secret a few things pertaining to the degree work itself. It is an open Masonic secret that a good Mason is active in his community, his church, his labor union, his business organizations; he supports the government and actively contributes to many other organizations.

Masons take pride in acknowledging our extensive Masonic charities whether it is the thousands of scholarships and educational programs sponsored by Grand Lodges and local Blue Lodges, or community support programs.

All members of the Masonic fraternity are just as proud of the Concordant bodies charities like the Shriners Children’s Hospitals, the Royal Arch Heart Programs, and the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorder Centers. When you add to these, the charities and programs sponsored by Masonic related women’s organizations, it is conservatively estimated that Masonic Charity in the United States is in excess of three million dollars each day. Any man seeking to join Masonry will become a part of this charity network helping people everywhere, fulfilling the Masonic lesson of Faith, Hope, and Charity.

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